Vanilla Bourbon Stout (River City Brewing)

November 15, 2014 by

It’s Fall, and the only thing I hate more than a family get together is pumpkin beer. So you know what that means? Bring on the Stouts! And there’s one local brewery that really knows how to do a stout right: River City Brewing with their Vanilla Bourbon Stout.

Conceptually, Stouts intrigue me and often times trap me in their web of lies. Promising notes of chocolate, maybe some coffee, but generally end up tasting like someone boiled cedar chips and generic brand Nyquil through a hobo’s sock. Not so with River City’s Vanilla Bourbon Stout. There is a definite sweetness on the nose, giving you a hint of the vanilla, backed with a touch of the bourbon’s bite. The head is crisper than you’d imagine on a stout, and doesn’t deter you from ever getting to the beer. Most Stouts have a head so thick they’re harder to get through than an episode of “Big Bang Theory.”

At River City, they truly play up the vanilla, really allowing that to be at the front of the beer. The slight chocolate middle kicks in but soon subsides to the light kick and bitterness of the coffee. This craft brew pours jet black but has a truly refreshing quality to it, its clever mix of ingredients perfectly balanced for a continuously drinkable beer.

Find it on tap at the brewery and other fine beer bars in the area!

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