Deece Casilias


Deece Casillas grew up in Los Angeles, CA. After a stint of open mics and improv comedy, he decided to combine his love of writing and all things funny into scripting and filming sketch comedy. Although not having the itch most comedians have to perform on stage, he still had the angst of a comedian and really liked to complain, so in July of 2014 he launched The Social Hour. So with a face for radio and a voice for silent movies, Deece became a podcaster.

“I like to be on the vanguard of the most popular platforms-- That’s why I write books and do talk radio. I can also do the Charleston and enjoy hanging at the local malt shop. ” –Deece

Now living in Spokane, WA, Deece uses the show as a platform to promote local and worldwide events, all from his unique comedic perspective.  The show features interviews with comedians, politicians, business owners and more, and is also a great excuse to drink beer with brew masters at craft breweries, and talk about the beer, while not looking like a raging alcoholic. You can also find him back in the standup comedy game, performing regularly around the Northwest, producing shows as one of the heads of SpoKomedy, and co-host of the Drink N' Debate comedy competition at the Spokane Comedy Club.

“I don’t like to think I choose podcasting, but rather that podcasting chose someone else… and they weren’t available. So here I am. You’re welcome.” –Deece

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Jay Mitz


Jay Mitz entered the Spokane Comedy Scene in 2015 as a stand up comedian. Since then, she's expanded her career to sketch comedy, working with the Comedy Edition team. Now she heads the North West Sketch team and is a player at the Blue Door Improv Theater. She's devilishly good looking and as witty as something witty! A frequent guest on The Social Hour since its inception, and the winner of "Best Guest of the Year" of 2016, and in March 2017 joined The Social Hour as permanent News Anchor.

Tras Swartout

Tras Swartout is an economics major from Spokane, WA. An entrepreneur and adventurer at heart, Tras is always looking for a new challenge. With the continued growth of The Social Hour, a producer for role was created to streamline production. After a round robin of tryouts and call-backs, Tras was brought on as producer and third chair for the show.