The Social Hour is a weekly podcast, hosted by Deece Casillas, news anchor Jay Mitz, and producer, Tras Swartout. Join them every Wednesday for their witty, scathing and, oft times, outspoken take on news, entertainment, pop culture, beer and much more.

We're also now a part of Pants Pending Studios.

And the home of new Drink N' Debate podcast. The Drink N' Debate is an improv comedy competition in which four teams of comedians from all over the Pacific Northwest face-off for beer, glory and the title of MasterDebators! Hosted by Deece Casillas and Nick Cavasier, you can find the live show every month at the Spokane Comedy Club, and now also a weekly podcast. Join us each week as we sit down and talk with team captains, competing comedians, the judges and more!