The Social Hour Comedy Network with Deece Casillas is a comedy and event production/booking agency, podcast network, and multimedia company.  We are partnered with venues across the country, and and committed bringing in headliners from all over America to provide high quality live comedy shows, online media content, and more.

The Social Hour is also a twice weekly talk show, hosted by comedian, Deece Casillas (The future Mayor of Spokane, WA).  Join Deece Tuesdays and Thursdays as he talks with comedians, musicians, politicians, and more, and gives his witty, scathing, and oft times, outspoken take on news, entertainment, pop culture, beer, etc.  And every Monday on the comedy news show, The Social Minute.


Saturday, June 5th: NW Comedy Showcase

Thursday June 10th: Cameron Mazzuca at The Ruby River Hotel