Deece Casillas

Deece is an internationally touring, Latino comedian, who has performed across America, Mexico, Belize, and the Bahamas. He has been featured on LMAO TV, Apple Comedy TV, Roku Comedy Channel, has recorded two albums: The Northwest Comedy Mixtape Vol. 1 + 2, recently just filmed his special: "Not Your Cup of Tea", and was voted Inland Northwest's Best Comic the last four years in a row. He was a regular writer for the comedy website Points In Case, and two time winner of the 50 Hour Film Slam Sketch Festival (Spokane, WA). A 10+ year comedy veteran originally from South Central L.A. and now living in San Antonio TX, Deece combines big city energy with small town charm, creating a biting and sarcastic comedic style, headlining theaters, comedy clubs, and more, across the country and beyond.



Phone: (562) 544.4612

IG: @deece.comedy