The Social Minute Ep. 12 (6/1/20)

This week Deece discusses SpaceX's recent venture, the latest Executive Order, troubles with unemployment, and more


The Social Minute Ep. 11 (5/25/20)

This week Deece keeps up with the Kardashians, discusses Phase 2 of the Pandemic, and Bernie Sanders drops by.


The Social Minute Ep. 10 (5/17/20)

This week Deece discusses the upcoming presidential election, mothers day, the latest doomsday scenario, and more.


The Social Minute Ep. 9 (5/4/20)

This week Deece updates us on North Korea, Star Wars news, the newest threat to mankind, the latest from Chernobyl, and more.


The Social Minute Ep. 8 (4/27/20)

This week Deece talks about cable news, North Korea, what's really in the constitution, and how people are spending their stimulus checks.


The Social Minute Ep. 7 (4/20/20)

This week Deece discusses the controversy of what to call the Coronavirus, how sports fans are dealing with seasons being cancelled, breaking news from Canada, and more.


The Social Minute Ep. 6 (4/13/20)

This week Deece tells you how to stay entertained during the quarantine, Billy Eilish controversy, and we play a round of Americas favorite game show.


The Social Minute Ep. 5 (4/6/20)

This week Deece talks who celebrities are endorsing for President, The Masked Singer, the NFL offseason, the latest apocalypse news, and more.


The Social Minute Ep. 4 (3/30/20)

This week Deece tells us all about how America is staying occupied during the quarantine, what's new with telegraphs, the success of Disney+, and the latest updates on the Coronavirus.


The Social Minute Ep. 3 (3/23/20)

This week on The Social Minute, Deece gives you an update on the Coronavirus quarantine, what to watch while you're stuck in the house, how celebrities are pitching in, and the secret about coyotes. Plus a special LIVE press conference from the Mayor of Spokane.


The Social Minute Ep. 2 (3/16/20)

This week on The Social Minute, Deece brings you the latest on the Coronavirus, the NBA suspending their season, updates on the flat earth, and how WISH app is confusing everyone.


The Social Minute Ep. 1 (3/9/20)

In the new weekly series, Deece brings you all the worlds news in bit size chunks!  This week we talk Harvey Weinstein, the Coronavirus, the latest Fast & Furious film, and more!