The Abyss (Deschutes Brewery, Portland, OR)

December 24, 2014 by

th-2Anyone who knows me, and my preferred beer styles to drink, is well aware of the fact I lean heavily towards dark beers. Browns and darker is generally where my flavor sits. When it comes to The Abyss, a special release beer by Deschutes brewery, of Portland Oregon, we may have finally discovered a beer that can best even me. A beer so dark it rivals that of Oprah’s… heart. If you thought I was going to say skin, you are a racist. And look, giving everyone in your studio audience a free Pontiac doesn’t make you a good person, it makes you an ass hole. Hey, want a piece of shit American car that will count as $25,000 income on your taxes at the end of the year but be a vehicle only worth about $4,500 inside of seven months? Thanks, Oprah.

Anyway, The Abyss pours like molasses, thick and almost muddy. This is the opposite of a fat girl’s yoga pants—there’s no way you will see through this beer. You’ll get immediate hints of black licorice and a subtle sweetness on the nose. The head is smoother than you’d expect and not something you have to fight through. It’s more welcoming than foreboding. And once in to the beer you’ll get a meal of a beer that attacks every part of your palette. From the fullness and robust start, through the malty middle, the black, chocolate and assorted barley malts all pop on their own, before melting into a perfect unity. You’ll also notice a silky cherry finish begin to creep up as you continue on.

This beer is aged in bourbon, Oregon oak and Pinot Noir barrels for six months to give it its unique flavor, depth and complexity. 11% ABV and 86 IBU’s.

Currently available in Deschutes Tap Rooms, and limited release in other areas. Ask for it at your local beer, Total Wine And More, and other establishments.

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