August 31, 2014 by

To say that Steelhead has the best Happy Hour in town, which it does, would be selling its regular menu short. Although I've found a few items to be a little bland and lacking, overall it hits all the right criteria for a good, well rounded menu, from seafood to burgers and inbetween. But let's get back to the Happy Hour, that's where it's really at with Steelhead. For a measly $6 each, they offer you a list of some of the best appetizer you can imagine. Whether you go with the wings, the most heaping helping of bacon and blue cheese smothered shoestring fries (bring friends to help with this one), smoked salmon artichoke dip (this dish is a must) or their chicken quesadilla, you can't go wrong. Throw in $2.50 pints of domestic or $5 goblets and you've created the best happy hour around; these special are offered all day on Sunday. I have found that table service can get a little slow at times, but just go for the bar. You'll get taken care of better and get your drinks faster.

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