Saison D’Rye (Ramblin’ Road Brewery)

October 26, 2014 by

Ramblin RoadLike the vagabond that is Ramblin’ Road’s logo, this brewery marches to the beat of their own drum and blaze their own trail when it comes to their craft. You know, minus the crystal meth abuse and panhandling. Choosing not to be confined by conventional brewing styles, Brian Guthrie (owner/brewer), has decided to take his brewery and explore and combine several different genres off craft beer. Being called a Belgian inspired brewery is fitting, but far from the whole story for Ramblin’ Road. Their unique take on Saison’s, Belgians and Northwest Ale’s will keep any dedicated style fan appeased, all the while being captivated by the innovative slant they manage to instill in all their beers.

The standout in their collection, to me, has to be the Saison D’Rye. As a fan of dark beers, and rye beers, this one immediately called my name upon my first time visiting. Perfectly combing the crispness of a Saison, with the firm backbone of rye, add in a dash of spice, and what gives you an impression of raisin and dates, you’ve got a beer that is refreshing and very drinkable. When it pours you get a dark beer, with a slight amber and almost purple hue; along with a light head that doesn’t require an auger to get through, like some dark beers. The aroma is unassuming, giving you just tangible notes of the tempered fruit highlights—nothing overpowering, simply a dusting to compliment the rye and malt combo. The middle will give you a fleeting chocolate taste, again going hand in hand with the light, sweeter notes, which is soon replaced with the nice finishing spice of a good Saison. Are you swept away yet? Because you should be.

If nothing else, Ramblin’ Road should be applauded for being so conceptually adventurous. But, luckily for us, they make pretty damn good beer, too.

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