Punxsutawney Pilsner (Waddell’s Brewery)

December 9, 2014 by

Waddells-Brewing-Co-Logo-01-e1390243516372When I think Pilsners, I think boring. It’s just not my speed when it comes to beer. I prefer my beer the same way I prefer my women: dark, thick and a little rough. So you can imagine that a waify blonde wouldn’t really be my thing. The nose is generally to subtle, the color isn’t quite golden, yet not really blonde even, and it is generally a lateral move from drinking water. Although recently I was impressed to find that Waddell’s had come up with Punxsutawney Pilsner, and they began to change my mind.

I found the Punxsutawney Pilsner to be a more Euro inspired, sweet beer with a mellow nose. Since the best things to come out of Europe recently were Euro Disney and David Beckham, I was glad our friends across the pond were finally helping inspire something that didn’t suck. This Pilsner from Waddell’s poured crisp and light, with a nice opaque color, yet not cloudy. The nose was very subtle—just a slight sweetness was all. Now, I hope this is taken in the spirit it’s intended, but this beer will not blow your mind. It won’t forever change the way you look at craft beer and the possibilities. I don’t think it’s supposed to, though. What Brian and Adam from Waddell’s have crafted here is a really good, solid, very drinkable beer. And that is part of what makes this Pilsner such a great beer is its drinkability. Where even my favorite Brown or Porter will eventually grow old, too heavy, or fill me up after enough of them, this beer continues to be desirable no matter how many you’ve had. It balances the perfect sweetness with a smoothness that will keep you coming back for more.


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