Perry Street Brewing

August 31, 2014 by

There was a time when breweries were relegated to odd strip malls in industrial areas to allow for cheap rent in large spaces for the brewing process, and the idea of a "tasting room" was little more than an after thought if it was convenient, or possibly not even a thought at all. But now as the microbrew trend grows exponentially that trend is starting to turn, and breweries have started to become more of a hip hangout or gathering spot, and no one has made this leap better than Perry Street Brewing. When they opened their brewery in March of 2014 they weren't opening just a brewery, but an establishment. The inside is a wide open design with plenty of table seating and also features a fair amount of bar seating. If you're like me, than bellying up to the bar is the place to be. You'll find the great staff serving up equally great beers, and although the selection is trim (Usually 6 beers on tap), it's concise and hits all the right marks a quality brewery needs. The brewmaster, Ben Lukes, hasn't painted himself into a corner, servicing only specific beer drinkers-- there's something for everyone here. Be sure to try the Scotch Ale or their Doma Porter, my personal favorites; you'll find me up there a few times a week, sneaking in for a dose of both. And if it's summer, make sure and get there to enjoy their patio, it makes the beer that much better.

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