Molly’s Family Restaurant

September 1, 2014 by

With my schedule, unfortunately, I'm usually up too early for breakfast, and by the time my day has slowed down enough to eat we're well on our way to lunch. But on the times I do get to indulge in breakfast, Molly's is at the top of my list for places to go. It doesn't look like much from the outside, -don't let the Mogwi look alike from Gremlins on the sign turn you off- but the food is worth the lack of aesthetic appeal, and it comes in heaping helpings. If you're smart you'll have the Mollys Mess, which is even available in a bread bowl. You may not of thought you wanted a bread bowl, but who doesn't not want a bread bowl full of meaty and cheesy goodness? Hungover or after church crowd alike will be pleased!

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