Manito Tap House

August 31, 2014 by

It's hard to complain about a place that has 50 rotating handles of craft beer. In addition to the obvious standout feature of the beers, The Manito Tap House has a concise, delicious menu with a mouth watering variety of cuisine selections. From one of the best burgers in town to a french dip with a beer infused Ajou dipping sauce to their Carne Adovado Tacos, they offer something for everyone to enjoy. And don't forget their house soup, Jalapeno Cheddar-- a perfect mix of spicy and rich, cheesy thickness. In a day when a "value" meal at your average fast food establishment will set you back $9, for only $5-$6 more at The Manito Tap House you can enjoy a great beer with your meal, too. For those of you, like me, that love exploring new beers, and has an aversion to commitment, they offer a great taster paddle: 6 one ounce pours for $6. Relatively speaking, this is a value when it comes to tasters and they don't restrict which beers you can select from. Although the menu suggest they offer truncated pours on some of the higher octane beers, I've never been served a taster without all 6 glasses brimming over, full to the top.

The only two areas this great eatery slightly struggles with at times is: Service and Beer Variety. I know what you're thinking, "50 beers on tap, what more can you want?" Well, yes, they have 50 beers on tap, but about half of those are IPA's, which I am not a fan of. I understand it's a popular style these days, but when you have three browns, no ESB's and one Barley Wine, maybe you could sacrifice a few of the IPA's and thicken out the other beer styles. Who knows, people might find new beers they like that way! And I'm not sure if it's fair to say their service struggles at times or if it's just becoming akin to the service industry standard that Hipsters have created. There's an apathy at times, but it's certainly never been enough to keep me away. Over all I highly suggest The Manito Tap House for a nice, casual dinner with friends. Just be sure to go early, they get busy and wait times can reach up to thirty-five minutes.

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