Chapel Witbier (Selkirk Abbey Brewing Company)

October 20, 2014 by

beer_212017As the landscape of craft beer continues to evolve, so does the tastes and genres. It’s very easy for a brewery to prop itself up under a wobbly tent of mediocrity, offering your typical beers to get you by: A golden ale/blonde, two IPA’s, a Stout and some variation of a fruit beer. This is the bare minimum for a brewery, and unfortunately, often times what you get. This is not the case with Selkirk Abbey Brewing Company (6108 E. Seltice Way, Post Falls ID, 83854). The owner, Jeff Whitman, is truly a beer guru, and knows how to craft a well balanced beer that will delight you from the first aroma to the last drop. He’s even made me into an IPA lover with his Infidel IPA; if you know me, then you'd be aware of what a feat this is. Expanding beyond your basic craft beer offerings, Jeff brought has love for Belgian style beers with him to the area, along with years of beer crafting expertise.

Utilizing unique yeast strains and a meticulous brewing process, Selkirk Abbey produced a phenomenal beer in their Chapel Witbier. This is a very sessionable (4.9 ABV and 20 IBU’s) and complex, yet light bodied beer. It is crisp and dry, with notes of lemon citrus, hints of fruit flavor and a bold Belgian style yeast finish. There is enough snap in this beer to keep any Hops Head happy, and diverse characters notes to appease anyone’s pallet. As the saturation level of craft breweries seems to be hitting its zenith, it’s nice to have a place like Selkirk Abbey that stands as a unique craft beer maker, offering a genre of beer that few have ventured into.

Available on draft in the taproom or in 22 ounce bottles at Total Wine and More, Fred Meyer, Roseaurs, and more.

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