Bistango Martini Lounge

September 2, 2014 by

When first entering Bistango I thought, "This is my kinds of place".  Definitely a classier vibe than almost anywhere downtown, smaller, intimate, and a quality upscale 'lounge' feel--my favorite style of drinkery.  I have no problem paying a little more either -which you will at Bistango-, it keeps the riff raff out and as long as I'm provided quality then I'm OK with it.  What I found Bistango to be was almost none of the things had hoped.  The service was provided with a side of pretentious attitude and the need to show musical concerts of washed up, older musicians on a loop on the two TV's greatly distracted from the fine interior.  Would anyone complain about just some smooth jazz lightly played in the background, or did people actually request the Kenny Rogers and Foreigner videos?  The worst part may have been when I went to order a drink. I was unsure of what exactly I wanted so the bartender offered to make me something and inquired as to my alcohol preference.  I told him something with tequila would be great, nothing sweet.  About ten minutes later I was given a snifter full of orange colored liquid that tasted like orange peels had been ground into rubbing alcohol and sifted through a jock strap.  Oh, and a bill for $12.  Bistango, you have the right spot and some of the right ideas, create a more friendly atmosphere and you could be one of the best spots in town.


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